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Motion Capture Mod

The Mocap mod is a Minecraft mod aimed at film-makers who wish to record the motion of their character and replay it back via a scripted entity. It allows you to create a whole series of composite characters for use in your own videos without having to splash out on extra accounts or enlist help.

Demo Video Tutorial Video Release Notes

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Cannibal Cow Mod

As featured in Yoglabs! Relive the nightmares for yourself. Based on the real person, Cannibal Cow from the Ridgearound!

Early Test Video

Download Cannibal Cow 1.1 (1.5.2+)

Skype - Video Downloader

Download embedded video messages at the click of a button!

Download soon

TwitchSlurpr - VOD downloader

Download Twitch.TV VODs with ease!


LiquidsX - Twitch Chat Overlay

Overlay your Twitch stream chat during broadcast using this easily positioned chat window!

Requires: Windows, .Net Framework 2+

New Release: Out soon with built in OAUTH support.

Please see guidance on using OAUTH tokens in IRC passwords for Twitch.TV. There is a tool to generate one for you here.

LiquidsX 0.8 LiquidsX 0.9